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Green funds are the new gold financial products of those last years and Banqua has already start to invest in environmental green tech opportunities


A new way to invest with Banqua in green funds and electric sports are  one of the best way to reach new investment opportunity

Investing in sustainability funds creates benefits that are clear for everyone, from 

This is not only about environmental protection, but it is an unrepeatable economic opportunity, because in these years, the green market has already grown up and later there will only be more players willing to share the rich spoils. Infect, the global economy has mapped out a great path for everyone and the big players’ efforts are evident and highlights the inherent potential that the green economy offers in terms of investment opportunities and widespread growth.

Banqua investments funds are divided into six different types, which include crypto investments, renewable energy, trading in high-tech companies and innovative startups. 

So, the investment keyword of the year is Banqua environmental sustainability funds. A new platform, specifically created for those who want to invest in green technologies, sport tech green funds, startups and new blockchain technologies. For electric sports, Banqua is now one of the sponsors of GRT Yamaha Racing Team.


Banqua created personal BNQ token only for green projects to facilitate green funds investments

Banqua created a personal token named BNQ, only for the green technology investments and environmental sustainability. Another thing you have to know about Banqua regards their funds, which are entirely invested in green projects, as startups and electric sports and even new blockchain technologies.


For example, there are several ways to invest in green technology by BNQ token, from setting up solar power plants to support electric vehicles and invest in sporting world. Both private individuals and government bodies can contribute to green technology. Governments invest in green technology by providing subsidies or tax credits to green companies and private individuals can support them by financing and investing in green technology funds.