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GRT Yamaha Racing Team sponsored with green sport investor Banqua.io

GRT Yamaha Racing Team brings digital innovation sponsored with green sport investor Banqua to win the 2022 FIM World Superbike Championship

Banqua decided to sponsor the GTR Yamaha Racing Team. Banqua is a company who invests in renewable technologies and green sport and innovatives startups with their BNQ token. 

 With top riders such as Garrett Gerloff and Kohta Nozane, both champions who have demonstrated their super potential, Gtr Yamaha opens the door to digital sponsoring by launching the Innovation Hub. A service where companies such as Banqua, who are specialized in renewable energy, green sports and technology startups, can sponsor Gtr Yamaha in the FIM Superbike World Championship.

 GTR Yamaha racing team added new changes on Yamaha R1 added new for ensure high racing performance on FIM Superbike World Championship


The aim of GTR Yamaha racing team is to reach high racing performance standards in FIM Superbike World Championship with the superbike YAMAHA R1, which has had outstanding success in the green sport racing over these last 3 years, winning 3 podiums in 2020. Furthermore, other changes have been made to make sure for Yamaha R1 to express its full potential with a completely redesigned livery. 


The GTR Yamaha team is sponsored by Banqua innovative company with a renewable energy technologies token called BNQ. 


Banqua has developed a token called BNQ for renewable energy technologies based on Ethereum and Binance. A simple platform It is about split investments in green sports, renewable technologies and innovative start-up companies.


The sponsorship of Gtr Yamaha chosen by Banqua is precisely due to how much Banqua believes in green sports becoming a focal point for sustainable investments.


BNQ tokens are issued on the basis of the Ethereum and Binance platform. Easy to use, the BNQ tokens are compatible with third-party services and wallets, easily exchangeable and purchasable on various platforms such as pancakeswap.