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Banqua.io - What is gwei?


What is gwei? 

There are many different definitions in the cryptocurrency market. But a term like Gwei is extremely common. If experienced crypto traders know what it means, then novice ones are not always able to understand this concept. Gwei is the face value of ETH, the world's second cryptocurrency. Gwei is used to pay for various goods and services within the Ethereum blockchain.

In addition to Gwei (gigaway) there is also Wei. So, Gwei is Wei 1,000,000,000. This number is the smallest value of ETH. These ratios are comparable to a dollar and a cent in real life.

Why does everyone say Gwei?
Everything is fairly simple. This is the most popular part of the Ethereum blockchain. It is used to evaluate the gas, that is, the amount of future commission that will have to be paid for transactions on Ethereum.

Gas fee is an indicator that determines the transaction fee within the ETH blockchain. Compared to Ethereum, the commissions are small, so it makes no sense to mark them as a native token. Therefore, Gwei is often called nanoether, but the term Gwei is used more often.


Where use gwei?
We can use gwei and ethereum on www.banqua.io platform.

What is BNQ ?
BNQ is our personal banqua token to power investment ecosystem.

www.banqua.io funds will be invested entirely in green project, electric sports, startups and new blockchain technologies.

One of the upcoming projects is the creation of Moto E-Sports time and investment in the Formula E-Championship.

But there will be other upcoming projects and soon you can check everything in your banqua app.

Buy token
You can safely buy our token on pancakeswap on metamask, join our community and you will become an integral part of our project

Sell token
BNQ tokens will be relased based on the Ethereum and Binance platform. It is token compatibility with third-party services and portfolios, exchanges etc, and provides easy-to-use intergration